Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hoarders, disposophobia...Ask Dr Wikipedia

Last time, I was packing my belongings and there are a lot of them I couldn't get rid of. Well, they're rubbish anyway but the thing is, I really don't wanna throw them away. It's like my stuffs said to me "Please, please, don't get rid of me" So, I pack them all and the result, I have to carry 4 extremely heavy bags with me to the airport plus I have to keep some of my stuffs at my friend's house, which also a lot.

Then, I watched this show "Oprah" yesternight and "OMG, am I one of them?". In this Oprah show, she shows some life of hoarders (person who fail to use or discard such a large number of seemingly useless that causes mess and unmanaged disposal). These people keep their stuffs everywhere and it's like a rubbish house which one can throw anything cause it's really looks like rubbish!!! For a clerer view, let me give some pictures here

Rubbish? or just old stuffs?

Can those be eaten?

This person can do yard sale or bundle shop...

They really need treatment man!!! Gosh, how can I live in such place. I hope afterwards I can throw my useless things away. Thanks to Aunt Oprah, now I realize that I have to change...Nah, mine not that bad. I just love to collect things, that's all

You can read about hoarding in the following links:

Nah, you can google by youself...

Anyone you know that have this hoarding behaviour?


ruffey said...

macam bilik aku XDDD

SePuLaH said...

Hahaha..Nah kau pun ada ni disposophobia

Anonymous said...

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