Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favourite blogs

I'm not really a good blogger, I have very small followers, my stories are boring and most of them are about my concern about civic awareness and about shiyok sendiri. lol.

I don't read a lot, but when it comes to read blog, I really enjoy it, really. So here are some of my favourite blogs that I often read 'em whenever I'm free.

1. Blog of a bright-future indie film makers
I like the way this "Shin Chan-eye-brow" guy think. He sure has balls cause he dares to say something controversial to public, often something provoking. He never cares of what people are going to say because he knew that he was right. Plus, he's kinda a Yasmin Ahmad's successor which he makes a lot of good videos. He already won several competitions and I think he's continuously making more good videos in the future. I like this blog also because his English is superb. Ladies, this good-looking guy is just 23 and he's single!!!

2. Blog "Mak Hayam" that makes me laugh all the time

This blog sure will makes you laugh. He always has something funny to share, whatever about what happen to his life, and most of the time, it's funny (I think all the time). This mak hayam is known as "Kak Senduk" cause his face looks like senduk (spoon) shape and he lives in Puchong, Selangor. The way he writes his blog is interesting. One of the blog that you must read!!! (Recommended).

Oh yeah, he's quite good at using Adobe Photoshop cause if you notice, he often edit his picture into other women body such as Mariah Carey and Beyonce.

3. Velog perempuan Chantek + bijak + model + serba serbi

Okay saya xtahan menulis sepenuhnya dalam bahasa Inggeris cause my English is bad!!! Belog pilhan ke tiga ini adalah belog seorang perempuan Melayu-Jawa yang cantik bernama Hamis Zalikha, kini menuntut di UiTM Segamat, Johor. My first impression was she's just like another girl blogger who is tergedik2 mencapub but empty. But after read her blog, I changed my mind.

She's so beautiful, and got brain too! She scored like CGPA 3.90 ~ something every semester. In addition, she's a part-time model, she joins some uniform club in her university but surprisingly, manage to get her blog updated. I hope to meet her one day...In person. (.^_^ ) <--Blushing

4. Comic Blog that also a bit funny lol

This blog belongs to a friend of mine who rarely see each other, cause I just knew him for about 3 days and then we never met again. "Don't judge the book by its cover" and it's true. My first taught, he's a nerd cause he took microbiology~ something which requires nerd people to study them. (No offense). But, damn he's great and creative and his comics kinda cute you know. But sadly, he's not updating his blog, you know how hard to make a comic, right?. I wonder how he drew all his comics, using what software?)

5. Self-obsess handsome guy blog

I don't know why I categorize this blog as self obsess. Maybe because this guy like to tell about his shopping story. But this decent guy is just an ordinary guy, but I don't understand how he manages to get over 300 followers in just one year of blogging, he must be good at something. And my envious leads me to follow his blog. Maybe his charm I suppose. All ladies (and maybe guys too) will scream if they met this guy in person. huh (.-_-!). Ya lah, I know he's handsome and you wanna follow his blog, nobody's going to care of what I bought from shop, cause I don't have charm (But hey, I'm thankful)

6. Blog masak-memasak

Ya lah, bersempena mau raya ni, saya pun tercari-cari lah resepi kek yang boleh di buat. At last I found this blog. Oh yeah, there are millions of recipe in this blog (LIAR!!) nah, just hundreds I suppose. I'm not really into cooking but baking? oh I wish that I'm expert in baking. If you wish to make some cakes especially kek lapis Sarawak, you can use this blog as reference. But make sure you follow the recipe exactly cause "The secret to baking is precision" (Bree Hodge, desperate housewives season 6, episode 15)

7. Serious-shit blog

Oh, ini antara blog yang jarang aku baca. But, whenever I feel I wanna read some news, there! semua ada. Mazidul, the guy behind rancangan 360 on TV3 always come up with some serious shit, i.e about immigrants, crimes, pelacuran, sex, etc. Yeah, sekali sekala boleh la but kalau selalu mampuslah...

8. My friend's blog

Blog is mostly an expression of oneself. So whenever I wanna know about my friends, I will browse through their blog. It's an easy way to know about what happen to your distant friends which you don't have 24-hours to stay connected with them. Hence, I will not feel far apart from them.

There! A list of my favourite blog... Feel free to browse their blog.


BaBaS KnoWLeS said...

aku baru perasan bahawasanya blog ruffey & randy nmpk serupa tp x sama..

ruffey said...

wow. ada blog aku. terharu dowh! XDDD

Anonymous said...

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SePuLaH said...

Babas: sekarang sudah berbeda...

SePuLaH said...

Anonymous: apa benda kau post ni? xpaham aku...


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