Monday, November 23, 2009

Everybody can also fly with Malaysia Airlines

Hot Gossip!!!

Sejak kebelakangan ni, MAS (Malaysia Airlines) banyak buat promotion where harga tiket Labuan-KL or KL-Labuan amatlah murah berbanding AirAsia. Luckily, I manage to get the best deals which was RM 119/way. Siapa lambat booking tu xdapat la harga istimewa ni...

So last week on 17th November 2009, I went to Labuan from KL with Malaysia Airlines...

As everybody know, Malaysia airlines gained a lot of achievements, internationally recognize as among the best airlines in the world. So, I'm proud to fly with Malaysia Airlines, fly with beautiful and friendly stewardess, eat the delightful and deliciously cooked meals...So Malaysia Airlines, please give me lifetime free tickets. I deserve

RM 35 for a great service. Money doesn't matter when it comes to comfort, convenience and cozy.

Sempat mengabadikan kenangan dalam tandas KLIA express...Hehehe

The ambiance inside the KLIA express. It tooks less than 30 minutes from KL Central to KLIA

Among world's best airport...

Malaysia Airlines aircraft, view from airside viewing area, 5th floor of KLIA

FYI, MH is airline code for Malaysia Airlines while AK for AirAsia. Picture taken from the meal cover.

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