Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kerja = Penat

Just recently I realised how hard to find money and that's the same as our parents. They work very hard in order to make sure that we have enough in our living. Foods, shelter. Yet, most of us seldom appreciate them.

I just want to tell how tired I am working for 8 hours long to get some money. For you information, I work at some hotels such as Shangri La, KLCC, Palace Golden Horses, etc and I work at banquet hall, serve foods and drinks to people. Bayangkan, 8 jam bekerja, berdiri, angkat barang, serve makanan dan minuman untuk tetamu, and etc.

Maybe none of you can imagine how tiring the works that I've done. Bukan ingin merungut, cuma nak melepaskan kepenatan yang terbeban di bahu ini.huhuhu

In a nutshell, "Money is everything and everything is money"



Dj Diddy said...

Erm.. that was good. Experience will teach u how to be strong.. kind of learning processes..

but how hard u working to gain money.. hopefully ur studies should be ok..

bighorn_king@MOHD YUNUS KASIM@ said...

Askum pek,apa kabar ko?kalau ko senang2, lawat2 blog abg sama kakak mu &

jacker said...

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