Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cabaran sa-orang salesman

Fuh...Sudah dua hari aku menceburkan diri menjadi seorang part time salesman Celcom, jual sim card U.O.X dan S.O.X. Pulangan? Usah kau tanya, barulah aku terasa bagaimana sukarnya menjadi sa-orang jurujual. To face with rejection, hundred of times but yang paling menyampah bila anda tidak diendahkan, sedikitpun memberi isyarat "Tak mahu" pun ngak ada... Ku lempang ko karang baru kau tau. Kasi chan la, costumers always right.

Mungkin esok adalah hari terakhir aku bergelar sa-orang jurujual. Huhuhu...Belajarlah rajin2. Jangan jadi jurujual kalau mau kerja senang lenang.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Manusia punya selesma, BABI dapat nama.

Yes. Itulah selsema babi, yang kini terdapat pada manusia. Kerana selsema ini, cuti mid term diawalkan. All of a sudden, ktorg cuti mggu depan. Apa boleh buat, penyakit ini telah menular dengan rancaknya. Even in my faculty pun sudah ada yang menerima penangan selsema babi ni.

I just wanna wish all UiTM students, "Happy Holiday"


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Isn't that ironic, I mention here that I'm busy but I still have time for online...Seriously, I'm busy. You know my schedule?I got class, starting from 8.30 am until 10.30 at night for monday until thursday. I got kitchen class which are extremely fun and interesting, yet totally tiring. Every monday, wednesday and friday night, I have to go for dancing class, which I also love it. Throughout this previous 2 weeks, I realised that I'm too busy until I don't have time to take my decent dinner.

Argh!!!and next week, we have SAF (Sukan Antara Fakulti) and I took part in petanque and bowling. Last week, I was asked by Jabatan Muzium Labuan to be the participant for Pertandingan Syair Kemerdekaan in the month of august. Meanwhile, I'm also planning to join Mandarin Speech Contest which will also held next month.
Uh...I wish that I could be like Hasmadi Hasbi, my friend who are very dedicated in MPP stuff. It's a busy stuff yet he's still manages to handle his study sucsessfully with flying colours.I wonder how he did that.

Plus, PTPTN still won't lend their money. Maybe they are running out of money, who knows...I curse all ungrateful PTPTN borrower who refuse to pay their debt. Their ignorance had bring trouble to others. Come on, you borrow, you pay la.

Now I'm sitting in my room, moneyless and hopeless...



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