Monday, December 28, 2009

Bodoh Geografi!!!

During my high school, I find that geography is an extremely hard subject for me. I often score C, and had never once get an A for this subject (except for PMR). It's confusing since I couldn't remember the places on the map, oh god. Everyday I'll sleep during geography class. My teacher at that time, Mr. Lee Seong Theam ~ whatever called me Professor since I sleep in his geography class with mountain of books in front of me to cover myself from being caught sleeping during class.

But as stupid as I am, still got an A la for my PMR and my stupidity pays. Now I learn a lot and actually like geography since I'm now learning tourism management, so I have to be a professor in this area, I have to know places, the locations, climate, populations.

Okay cut these craps. I just want to voice out how disappointed I am of what you are about to see in the diagram below. Click at the picture to see

SM Sains Labuan, in Sarawak???WTF!!! (Pardon my language)

This stupid info, I got from a website sponsored by a local newspaper. Click here

It's not a big deal anyways but I'm really pissed-off, really. Cuba anda teka di mana SM Sains Labuan? Nah, kalau anda tahu, memang anda ni pintar dan bijak pandai. Tapi kalau tidak tahu pun, tiada masalah. Anda bukanlah sebuah ensiklopedia yang tahu segala2nya. Tapi at least before put the fact in the web, don't they have decency to ask from Ministry of Education or something, before simply put SM Sains Labuan in Sarawak?

Bodoh Geografi!!!

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