Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What happen to me within 20 years after graduate?

Day by day during this holiday at my hometown make me sick. I feel bored because I didn't bring my laptop with me for this holiday. So what I do just laying on my bed, keep on thinking what happen to me within 10 years after graduation? (Plus I also watch World Cup 2010. I take my words back. I do love football. Hehehe. I hope German will be the champion of this FIFA World Cup)

Okay, the typical Malaysian will have this plan after their graduation:

"I want to work with government. After the first 3 monts, I'll get a loan to buy a new car. Hmmm.. Myvi I suppose, or a New Saga. Then I want to save some money every months and after 5 years then, I can get married. Then I'll make a 20 years loan to buy a new house for my lovely family."

But, this is my plan:

" I want to work with either government or private sector. First thing, I will drive 2nd and car to work and make a 10 years payback loan so that I can buy maybe 2 apartments at Puncak Alam so that I can rent them expensively to UiTM students there. At the same time I'll stay at my father's house in Labuan, for free. Haha (With evil face) Hey I'll pay some money. Then after 7 years of working, I'll get married with lots of savings from rental house that I rent to students in Puncak Alam, after 10 years of working, I'll make another 20 years loan and build a 2-storrey house at my own land which my father gave to me as present. I already draw a plan for the house. Hahaha. Then for my children, I'll save RM 200/month, and the money will be theirs after 18...............blablabla(Too long to explain since there's a lot more plan in my head. Hehehe)"

What I'm trying to say is, whatever we plan for our future, the most important thing is we have to plan, from now. Lack of planning will make us suffer, not only you, your spouse and your children as well.

So for those who just graduate, starts plan, FROM NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow,now that does sound like a plan. Well,hope it turns out well.

SePuLaH said...


Thanks...But usually I never follow my plan...just go with the flow


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