Saturday, April 4, 2009

Social responsibilities and ethics

I was attracted to capture this picture while struggling finishing my assignments. Do you know where did I get this picture from? Yes. It's from a cigarette box which is not mine fore sure. I just love the packaging of the cigarette which I can consider as "socially responsible and ethical"

"This product contains more than 4000 chemical substances including tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide that harmful for health".

This cigar company is very responsible in warning the other people the danger of smoking but...


crimsonskye said...
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crimsonskye said...

Don't know whether to laugh or cry every time I come across one of these things.

Smoking is just as bad as drug abuse, in a way it's even worse -- the slow, silent killer which harms not only the smokers but also the people around them.

ruffey said...

ala sepul, org suda tau bahya pun, susa mo brubah.

coursemate aku sini, yg belaajaar lebih byk ttg bahaya rokok banding org lain pun,

masi tetapp merokok, di kantin fakulti plak tuu!

ironi tidak? heheh


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