Friday, August 7, 2009

Telco D, Telco H, Telco X...Your choice

Telco D

Telco H

Telco X

Voice call

Same network

15 cent/min

Free call after RM2 daily usage

12 cent/min

15 cent/min

Other networks

15 cent/min

15 cent/min


Same network

1 cent/SMS

Other networks

6 cent/SMS

5 cent/SMS

6 cent/SMS

Favourite numbers

FREE SMS to 11 numbers on the same network


0.5 cent/SMS to 8 numbers on the same network and plan

Data services

10cent/10 kb – Pay as you use

FREE after monthly data usage of RM 30

Peak: 10 cent/10kb

Off Peak: 5 cent/10 kb

RM 6/Day

Above are the three telecommunication service providers which the detail above is specially made for students especially in universities. Recently, I bought the Sim Card from Telco D and for the previous two years untill now, I'm using Telco X.

Many students reject certain Telco, let say Telco D, just simply because most of their friends are using Telco H. But, what if you bring all of your friends to use Telco D with you? I did that where in my class, all of them were using Telco H which I think only me who were using Telco X. But after promoting to my friends, force them to buy, now only 2-3 in my class are not using Telco X. And it's pretty cheap (At that time)

But now, what are your choice???Hm...I wonder...

Telco D...Yeah!!!!!! <--- Mine


~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

taw sgt pasal benda ni...
tp dunno y ak x ngam sgt ngan telco D...
wlupun ak pernah pakai juga waktu muda2 dlu...

SePuLaH said...

Try DIgi campus...Free msg to friends and family (DIgi)...hehehe


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