Sunday, May 24, 2009

Uniquely Kelantan

Well, I just came back from Kelantan, just a few hours ago. It was so exciting because I'm vsiting a new place with different customs and cultures.

And everybody already know that Kelantan is an "opposition" state, which ruled by opposition party, PAS. Anyway, I don't wanna talk about that. It's not my expertise anyway. I just want to talk about nice-nice things bout Kelantan.

First, Kelantan is well known as Islamic state. The president of PAS, Nik Aziz said that, if you want to see the truthfully Islamic in Malaysia, then just look at Kelantan. This is true because their people are religious and when it comes to business, they are different from others. Why?At that time, I was at the beach in Bachok and the time was Maghrib already. There are a lot of baazar there. I don't have any idea for what events, but there are a lot. At that time, I want to buy Nasi Dagang where I can barely get in anywhere but Kelantan and Terengganu. Then the seller said "Dok jua agi. Hok oghe sembahye" (we're not selling yet because people are still praying).

In Islamic principle, we have to put anything that we do based on the priority. Let say, between business and pray, the more important thing is to perform our pray first. Hence, we have to put praying as the priority and one should leave their business when it's time for praying. The same things happen in other places in Kelantan.Have you ever experienced this in other places?

Other than that, as metioned in previous post, all female models in billboard must wear their tudung which this is also the Islamic side. In most of billboards in Kelantan, there are also shown some advice in Islam which I think it is very good.

In addition, the price of goods here are very cheap, especially the clothing and food. I manage to grab a Levi's made in Thailand jeans for only 29 Rial, which in Night market in KL of Shah Alam, it cost me at least RM 50.

Furthermore, ringgit Malaysia is not useable in Kelantan since they are using Rial(Ha ha ha...Just joking...)

But, there are a few things that I'm not satisfied with which is the toilet. Most of the toilets that I went to was in very.....Yew....Yucks...Disgusting and unacceptable condition. I don't know whether it's just me or the toilet. In three public toilets that went, all of them were in very terrible condition. The toilet bowl was very dirty and it seems uncleaned for ages.

Ayway, still Kelantan is a good place to visit. There are so many to see, so many places to go and experience the unique culture in Kelantan.

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aD'c0va'GurL said...

nice, i like BUDU.... its so delicious..if made up from kelantan... i really want to go there..but do not have the appropriate time to go there.... .
nyway-> kelantan not really truthfully islamic.... its so embarrassing...


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