Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1. I would like to criticize the way of the government workers in UiTM work.

2. We have a subject, MKT 420 (Prinsiples of marketing) which until now, none who come to our class to teach the subject.

3. At first, we tought that it's a usual fenomena since it's not easy to arrange the timetable in a week.

4. But then, this problem happen for 8 weeks already. Every week, we have 2 classes for 2 hours per class

5. Hence, we already waste 32 hours of our lecture, while we have about 14 chapters to cover, and we oly have remaining 8 weeks to go.

6. After several investigation, we found out that the lecturer who suppose to teach us is on maternity leaves (Cuti beranak).

7. We went to the office-business school's office(not our faculty's office because business school's office is the one which arrange for that subject) and they said "Itu bukan masalah kami. Rujuk KP awak (Ketua program)" -With nearly angry voice. They suppose to find a replacement for the matter. Did they do their jobs?

8. Previously, I already went to KP office and she said "I already assigned the office (Faculty of hotel and tourism office) for your marketing lecturer"

9. So, I went to faculty of hotel and tourism's office and they said "We already ask the faculty business school to provide lecturer for you"

10. I think it will recycle, as the way it is. This fenomena called "Bangau oh bangau". Do you know the song?

Bangau oh bangau,
Kenapa engkau kurus?
Bagaimana aku tak kurus
Ikan tak mahu timbul

Then, the fish blame the long grass, then the long grass blame the buffalo. The buffalo then blame the stomach, while the stomach blame the rice and so on.

11.Is this the way government's officer work? Lepas tangan and keep on pointing to others?

12.Usualy, when the office hour start at 8, they will start at 9. What do they do at first 1 hour? Lepak, makan, merokok and whatsoever.

13.If this is the way the government workers work, I'm pretty sure that we will go nowhere.

14.Forget about "Vision 2020". Forget about Dasar pandang ke timur, whatever dasar for the country's own good. Forget about all of them!!!

15.I hope that I can bring a wind of change to the way of government workers work. That's why I want to be a government officer.

16.Change please...Change!!!

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